Custom Packaging


We could supply you our products with your logo design, which is a great branding tool for your business. We can customize drinking cups, plastic bags, sealing film, straw wrappers, hot drink sleeves, and many more. 

Minimum Order will apply (+/- 10%)

Plastic Cups (PET/PP) 50,000 cups
Lidding Film (130mm x 500m, up to 4300seals) 60 rolls
Straws (12mm dia or 6mm), 3700pcs / ctn 50 ctn

Leadtime is 8-10 weeks from sign-off.

TEMPLATES for PP Cups (up to 5 colors)

Size Design
360ml 212mm x 60mm
500ml 212mm x 70mm
700ml 233mm x 73mm


TEMPLATES for PET Cups (up to 5 colors)

Size Design
12 oz 220mm x 60mm
16oz 220mm x 65mm
20oz 233mm x 70mm


TEMPLATES for Lidding Film (95mm dia)

-  Make a design within 95mm

- Bleeding at 105mm