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We are the main importer and distributor of bubble tea ingredients and supplies. Established in July 2001, we have built our reputation in Australia in supplying businesses and the home users with superb quality products.

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Bubble tea is a sweet and refreshing drink that originated in Taiwan during the early 1980s and has since gone on to establish a worldwide following. Also known as many other names including boba tea, pearl milk tea and zhen zhu nai cha, the uniqueness of bubble tea lies in the bottom of its dome shaped cup. Generally popular within Asian communities, a first time drinker may be slightly alarmed by the accompaniment of squishy little balls that follow through the deliberately thick straw. Although this may cause for concern with most other drinks, these are in fact tapioca pearls; small marble sized balls which have often been likened to the texture of a gummy bear. The tapioca pearls act as a bonus to the name of bubble tea; the actual name refers to the formation of bubbles that were produced during the shaking process that was originally used to produce the tea.


The unique experience of bubble tea is further enhanced by the creativity that goes into its production. Bubble tea is the umbrella term for a varied product that can be given to you shaken or blended, tea based, as milk tea or juiced, as slush or smoothie, as well as the plethora of existing flavours that can be transformed into many other variants with the aid of your own creative mixing. The world truly is your oyster when you have tapioca pearls in your cup!