Taro Powder Mix (3in1), 1kg

Taro Powder Mix (3in1), 1kg
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Product Information

Taro Powder (Ube powder) is a premium powder mix featuring a creamy and nutty flavor with a bright purple color. The premium powder mix will be a great addition to milk teas, slushies, smoothies, and other specialty drinks. 

Also can be used as ingredients for making icecream or frozen yoghurt.

Packaging: 1kg bag - 20 x 1kg foil/ CTN

1kg bag makes 25 Milk Tea drinks (360ml cup)

top quality brand

Made in Taiwan

  • Only from premium ingredients
  • Caffein Free
  • Creamy Texture

IMPORTANT NOTE for Vegatarian/Vegan: contains 1.02% sodium caseinate. Sodium caseinate is derived from cow's milk therefore may not be appropriate for vegan or dairy-free diets.

Pls note that website images are for representation only and may not be the exact packaging used. Nutrional Information may vary.


Storage & Care

  • Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
  • Avoid constant exposure to light.
  • Expiration date as marked on the package. 
  • It is recommended to consume within 3 months after opening.

Taro Milk Tea Recipe

You need the following for 360ml cup

  • 40g of our premium 3in1 Taro powder mix
  • 100ml of fresh milk or other non-dairy milk (such as ournon-dairy milk powder)
  • 50ml HOT Black Tea (Oolong or Assam Tea).Our Tea Selections
  • 15ml of fructose (you can put more if you like it sweeter)
  • 1/3 cup Ice


  • Inside the cocktail shaker, melt the powder mix with newly brewed tea (50ml). Ensure that powders are melted well.
  • Add the other ingredients (milk, ice cubes and fructose)
  • Shake WELL.
  • Serve withTapioca Pearls or other toppings (e.g.jelly or agar balls) and enjoy!
Product CodeTARO3IN11KG
Chargeable Weight1kg

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


You can add more creamer and adjust the amount of fructose to suit your taste. The mixture give a good drink!Thao Tran (18 Feb 2023, 18:59)

An authentic taro flavour.

This powder is worth every cent you pay for it! Fabulously creamy and much better than many bubble tea outlets offerings. This will definitely be a keeper in my pantry!ADRIAN KENNEDY (3 Oct 2021, 11:22)

Great flavour

I love Taro ice cream, and originally tried some pastes. This powder dissolves completely and my ice cream is very creamy. Just finished my first kg of this and without hesitation buying again. Probably works for bubble tea as well.Martin (17 Oct 2015, 17:32)

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