1kg Powder Mix

1kg Powder Mix

Premium powder mix can be used for making smoothies, frappe, ice tea, milk tea, ice blended.



SMOOTHIES/ICE BLENDED. Directly into the blender, place 1 cup ice cubes, 50g of powdered drink mix, 2 spoons sugar, 100ml water (or milk). Blend for 20-40 sec until smooth.Serve with favorite toppings and enjoy.

FLAVOURED MILK TEA. Using a cocktail shaker, Melt 45g of powdered drink mix in 150ml of hot water. Add 2 spoons (or less/more depending on sweetness preferred level) of sugar. Add into the shaker 200ml cold water or tea or milk and ½ cup of ice cubes. Shake well for 10-15 sec then pour into a cup. Serve with favorite toppings and enjoy.


Wholesale Price applies for orders of more than 10 bags per flavour. SAVE SAVE ! Further savings if you order 20 bags or more...